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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Special Valentines day ideas for valentine gifts

February 14th the best day for the lovers as they reflect their love and affection to the one's they love. Every lover wants to make this lovely day very special and memorable either by spending it specially or by giving lovely valentine gifts. If you are one of them then you have come to right place as this article is all about the valentines day ideas and valentine gifts that you may be looking for.

This article is intended to help you with

1. Different types of valentine gifts that you can buy

2. Valentine gifts that you can make special.

3. Valentines day ideas on how to spend the day and make it special and memorable ( that's a big topic in itself so will cover it up in another article).

Valentines day ideas

How-to make Valentine gifts special for her

1. Roses: On this day roses especially red roses play a major role, sometimes roses are sent from a secret admirer or with the valentine gifts from your loved one's. Cheap and easily available, red and pink roses are a sign of love and affection and can be gifted in the form of a bouquet. You can also have some mixture of different types of flowers according to your loved one's preference. Apart from a big or medium size bouquet a single rose can do the magic for your loved one, remember it's not the gift they admire its the feeling you have behind the gift for him/her. To make it special you can also add a creative self made creative tag with your message like

  1. for the prettiest girl
  2. with love etc.

2. Chocolates: Roses with chocolates have always been the favorite combination of young lovers. So you can gift roses with your lovers favorite chocolate and bring a smile on her face. Be creative and bring some romantic changes like wrapping it up with certain heart shape things or write the names on a heart shape sticker and paste it or you can open up the chocolate and write love messages like " I love you" or any of your favorites that you like and make your valentine gift special.

3. Valentines day cards: with the above gifts combo you should also gift a valentines day card with a self written love message or note inside. If you don't have much time to spend on making one of your own buy one from the market and write your love message inside, that itself is very lovely but if you wanna make it more special then you can make one. Always remember the efforts in bringing up the gifts dominates the expensive gifts. So choose as per your preference. Below is an example of a simple yet great valentines day card. you can find so many on the internet. So go out there and find one for yourself.

Above are the most common valentine gifts with valentines day ideas and also tips on how-to make them special. So bring the creative yourself out and make your valentine gifts special.        

Let us know about your views on the same in the comments section below.                         


  1. Great post! Although we have no. of items out there to gift to our love one's but precisely the above 3 mentioned by you are the musts:)

  2. thnx for the comment..and as per your statement we will be posting another article on more valentine gifts soon..